Services Offered at The Yellow Dog's Barn in Barrington, NH

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The team at The Yellow Dog's Barn in Barrington is here for you and your dog. Learn more about our services below.

Dog Day Care

When your dog arrives at The Yellow Dog’s Barn, he or she will be met in the office by one of our friendly staff and taken out to start his or her day.

After a brief stop to change into one of our velcro collars and drop off any personal items (collar, leash, lunch, treats...) at his/her cubby, he/she will be led outside to one of our four play-yards. Your dog will play outside long enough to go potty, and then he/she will join the rest of the pups in the nap-room until the end of check-in time at 8:30 am.

Dog Training

The Yellow Dog's Barn works with the best professional dog obedience training company in Barrington. We concentrate on obedience training, behavior adjustment, housebreaking, and puppy consulting. Call (603) 969-0874 for more info. 


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