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Alternative Daycare Program - The Squirrel Group

At The Yellow Dog’s Barn we are always looking for the best ways to work with our daycare dogs to make their day successful.  Our unique Squirrel Group program allows us to accommodate dogs that are not quite ready for our regular daycare groups, or their play style lends itself to playing with a smaller group of dogs (typically 2-5 dogs). Squirrel Group also offers one-on-one staff/dog care for dogs who are shy or nervous and need to gain confidence, trust humans and overcome separation anxiety issues, or for dogs who just do not care for the company of other canines. 

The Squirrel Group option gives us the opportunity to accommodate dogs that may enjoy smaller group play or solo play. It allows for high energy dogs to run and play in a more structured setting, and for nervous or immature dogs to gain confidence by playing in a small group of dogs that best fit their personality. Depending on the individual dog, once they gain confidence or maturity in their play style, they then may be introduced into one of our regular daycare groups.

The program also allows us the flexibility to have a regular daycare attendee play in the Squirrel Group if they are having an “off” day or if they are recovering from an injury and need a calmer environment. 

Each playtime lasts 15/20 minutes and then they rest in the Dog Town cabins or dens while the other dogs have their turns outside. This rotation goes on repeatedly throughout the day.

Squirrel dogs thrive when their needs are being met, not just physically but also mentally. Each dog has their own (IEP) Individualized Enrichment Program plan, daily enrichment time and pet owners are emailed a weekly report card. 

An enrichment activity is something that allows them to engage in their innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging. Providing ways to allow your dogs to satisfy these behaviors allows them to be physically, emotionally and mentally satisfied. Dogs who don’t engage in theses behaviors may find ways to enrich themselves, often resulting in unwanted behaviors. 

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I love Yellow Dog's Barn squirrel group! I brought my dog to YDB after adopting him and had wanted to get him socialized and comfortable with other dogs and people. After trying out the large group for a few weeks, it was evident that Frank was not enjoying his time around others. He often hid from other dogs, laid low going through the motions of the day, and rarely interacted with the staff despite their gracious efforts. Frank then tried out squirrel group. Initially this was intended to be a short term experience, but because he has flourished so much, he is still in the group almost a year later. Frank is interacting with other dogs he is comfortable with (he has a crew of buddies!), has established real connections to the staff (so many tail wags and kisses), and feels so comfortable with the smaller group size. I have seen Frank grow from a rescue dog with a lot of anxiety and trauma, to a dog that is more open and trusting of others, and I have appreciated the staff's support and knowledge along the way. I am so grateful for this small group care that has allowed him to feel safe enough to grow and truly be a dog who is loved and well cared for. I highly recommend this for any dog!
- Amy Bilodeau

The Yellow Dog's Barn has thoughtfully provided our dog with a safe and enriching environment. Previously, our dog had been unsuccessful in the traditional crate free large group doggie daycare experience. She has all of the enthusiasm but lacks the social skills and impulse control to participate meaningfully in that type of setting. The Yellow Dog's Barn has taken the time to get to know our dog and what our goals are for her. The Squirrel Group at YDB allows for her to get adequate exercise and stimulation and gives her safe opportunities to gain confidence and practice the skills that she's working on. We are so thankful for the Yellow Dog's Barn for loving our squirrelly girl.
- Becky Hearn

Squirrel Group at The Yellow Dog's Barn has been a LIFE saver for us. We adopted our boy Chief from a rescue at the beginning of the pandemic. He was already very particular about the dogs he played with, but that grew worse as he had less and less interaction with other dogs. When he started going to The Yellow Dog's Barn, we weren't sure how he would do. He can be *a lot* depending on the human or the dog. In the beginning, he had a couple issues being with so many other pups. Once the wonderful staff realized that he would be perfect for the Squirrel Group, we were all on board! This allowed Chief to become comfortable with just a couple dogs at first and make some real friends. He became a happier dog now that he had playmates he could get along with on a daily basis! Chief has been part of the Squirrel Group for over a year and half and, along with how caring and willing the staff is to work with every dog's needs, it has easily been the largest blessing for us and for him.
- Ryan & Seauna Corliss

Our 2.5 year old dog Coach has been going to Yellow Dog's Barn for 2 years and we couldn't imagine him anywhere else! Coach is the best boy but we had to work extra hard for him to learn skills such as crate training, appropriate greetings for human and dog friends, manners on leash, and managing general overexcitement more so than some of his puppy peers. We couldn't have done this without everyone at Yellow Dog's Barn helping Coach learn these things too and in a dedicated safe environment like "Squirrel Group." Coach likely wouldn't be successful at other daycares because only YDB has the structure, understanding, and individual attention to give for dogs like Coach who just need a little extra help to be the best, most social versions of themselves. We love YDB and are so grateful Coach has a community who loves and supports him when we aren't around!
- Jilliane & Andrew Martin

First Dog Pricing
Full Days
1 Day: $37
5 Day Package: $180
10 Day Package: $350
20 Day Package: $680

Half Days
1 Day: $29
5 Day Package: $140
10 Day Package: $270
20 Day Package: $520
Prices effective Jan 1, 2023.
Second Dog Pricing
Full Days
1 Day: $34
5 Day Package: $165
10 Day Package: $320
20 Day Package: $620

Half Days
1 Day: $27
5 Day Package: $130
10 Day Package: $250
20 Day Package: $480
Prices effective Jan 1, 2023.
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