Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, we strongly encourage you to come in and visit Dog Town. Please call to schedule an appointment for a tour at 603-868-3647 or email

A. All of our guests are encouraged to enjoy playing in our dog daycare Monday thru Friday. All dogs who wish to participate in daycare are required to attend a no-charge evaluation day prior to boarding with us. Please call or email to set up an appointment.

A. Dogs who do not participate in our dog daycare program will have a minimum of three one-on-one play-times through-out the day with one of our exceptional dog loving staff members. **Please note: We reserve the right to refuse boarding to pets that are overly aggressive or have severe behavior problems.

A. Baths/grooming must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to boarding during peak boarding times. Dogs staying 7 nights or less will receive a 10% discount on grooming fees. Dogs staying more than 7 nights will receive a 25% discount on grooming fees. Free nail trims for stays of any length.

Yes, please!  A sudden change in your dog’s diet may cause digestive trouble, so we do require that you bring your dog’s own food. Please be sure to measure out the amount of food that your dog will need while staying at Dog Town. Dog food should be pre-bagged in meal-sized portions either in zip lock bag(s) or airtight containers (don’t forget to label each baggie or container with your dog’s first and last name). It’s always a good idea to pack an extra meal or two in case your return is delayed. Our storage space is limited, so we cannot accept large bags or containers of food. We fill our pockets and treat jars with all-natural treats (all USA made & sourced) so unless your dog has allergies or likes a specific type of treat, you do not need to pack treats.

Because we want to make your dog’s vacation with us as stress-free as possible, we encourage you to bring any of their favorite items from home. A blanket, a pillow-case from your bed or a t-shirt will make his/her room more comfortable and familiar. Kongs and canine puzzle toys are always welcome. Please leave all raw hide chews, raw bones, rope and plush toys at home. We will do our best to return all items to you when you pick up your pet. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the condition of your items if your pet likes to chew!

We monitor all guests carefully during their stay. If there are any problems, the first thing we will do is contact you to discuss it. If we are unable to reach you and your dog needs medical attention, we will contact your veterinarian.  If it is after business hours or your veterinarian is unavailable, we would contact one of our consulting veterinarians (Animal Hospital of Barrington or Arbor Veterinary Services) and transport your pet there. For weekend or evening emergencies we use Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital in Newington. All vet visits are the financial responsibility of the owner.

A.Some dogs get anxious at the first sign you are going away. To make leaving home stress-free, avoid a chaotic departure. If preparing for a trip is stressful for your dog, consider bringing your dog to us before starting to pack or even before the suitcases come out. The less stress your dog feels, the faster he will adjust. You know your dog best, so consider this when booking your dog's time with us. We know departing from your dog can be difficult but for his sake, avoid an emotional goodbye. We understand your dog may feel confused when you leave, so we make sure they get plenty of attention upon your departure.

A. A tired dog is a good dog! Your dog(s) have had plenty of play-time and fun while boarding with us, so a good nap upon arrival at home will give you the time you need to unpack and get settled in at home. Once arriving home it is not unusual for dogs to try to drink great quantities of water. It is not that your dog didn't have enough to drink, but dogs often react to excitement by guzzling water. However, uncontrolled drinking is not good for your dog. So supervise your dog’s water consumption when he first gets home. Let him drink for 15-20 seconds, then take the bowl away. After 20 minutes or so, give him another drink. If necessary, do this several times for an hour or two.


We love our customers from Barrington and surrounding towns Nottingham, Lee, Epping, Exeter, Dover, Northwood and the ones who travel from Concord, ManchesterPortsmouth and beyond!

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