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What will my dog do while at The Yellow Dog’s Barn?

When your dog arrives at The Yellow Dog’s Barn, he or she will be met in the office by one of our friendly staff and taken out to start his or her day.

After a brief stop to change into one of our velcro collars and drop-off any personal items (collar, leash, lunch, treats...) at their assigned cubby, your dog will be led outside to one of our four play-yards. There, your pup will play outside long enough to go potty, and then they will join the rest of their friends in the nap-room until the end of check-in time at 8:30 am.  At 8:30 am, we do a special introduction for new dogs.  After all introductions have been made, the dogs are allowed to begin their day of play!  Once all this has occurred and the dogs are in their assigned play groups, we do not allow for late drop-offs to enter the groups.  This is for the safety of all the dogs and staff members, as it can be very stressful and chaotic when a single dog enters an entire group of dogs. 

The rest of their day will go like this:

  8:30am-10:00am  Play…Play…Play
  10:00am-11:00am  Nap-time & Treats (& breakfast if supplied)
  11:00am-1:00pm  Play…Play…Play
  1:00pm-2:00pm  Nap-time & Treats (& lunch if supplied)
  2:00pm-4:00pm  Play…Play…Play
  4:00pm-6:30pm  All pooped out pups are crated while they wait for their turn to go home 

On cold and/or wet days, we may alter our normal daily routine to give the dogs as much outside play time as possible.

   To keep all of our dogs healthy, please remember that if your dog is not feeling well, is coughing, throwing up or has diarrhea, please let us know and we ask that you keep your dog out of daycare until he/she is better!

The Bark Around Town

I have so many great things to say about this business, and every person that works there. We rescued our dog from the South, and of course we quickly realized she was a little different than most dogs. She is very nervous, doesn't like "new" people, and all around a very quirky dog. Yellow Dog has worked with her through all of her fears, and the obstacles that come with a new employee. They have never given up on her, and love her like she is one of their own dogs. When I drop Spring off at Yellow Dog, I leave feeling confident that she is being cared for. The Yellow Dog's Barn is Springs second home, 100%. It has been a wonderful 2 1/2 years, and looking forward to many more. Thank you to all of the Yellow Dog's employees, and to the owners. - Cassandra & Mike Dover, NH

This is the BEST doggie-daycare / boarding facility that I have ever brought my dog to. The staff is caring and compassionate, attentive and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond! 
As pet owners we care deeply about our canine kids and want only the best for them. I say without any reservation that The Yellow Dogs Barn will attend and care for your dog as if it was their own. I have put full trust in the team and they have never let me down.
Oh...and my dog absolutely LOVES it there!!!
- S. Griffin

The Yellow Dog’s Barn is wonderful. Our dog Harley loves going to play and I honestly trust the staff and owners so much knowing they take such good care of our pup. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving her anywhere else. They love all the dogs like they are their own. We’ll be lifetime customers here, I’m sure. Couldn’t imagine bringing Harley anywhere else. - K. Toner


Printable Downloads: 

1. Daycare Application & Release

2. Daycare Client Rules & Regulations  

Online Form: 

1. Customer Application & Questionnaire 


Here at The Yellow Dog’s Barn our main goal is to create a safe, happy, and beneficial play environment for all dogs.  For this reason, we have added more staff members to our daycare play yards. These staff members will focus on training the dogs to play appropriately in a group setting, and will communicate with our other staff members to make sure that each dog’s specific needs are being met. 

While many dogs thrive in a daycare environment, there are also many that struggle due to lack of communication skills, nervousness, excess energy, natural herding instincts, etc.  We want to ensure we are doing everything we can to set each dog up for success while they are in our care.  Our staff  trainers will observe play styles, body language and communication skills between dogs, and then use positive reinforcement methods to redirect or teach alternate behaviors. 

If we are actively working on a dog’s behavior, owners will be given feedback regarding what behaviors we are observing in their dogs, and will be encouraged to reinforce our training methods at home when applicable.  We feel that this additional focus on the dog’s behavior will create a better daycare environment for all the dogs in our care. 


As of January 1, 2023 (prices are subject to change)

  • 1 Day: 1st Dog $35 2nd Dog $32
  • 5 Day Package: 1st Dog $170 2nd Dog $155
  • 10 Day Package: 1st Dog $330 2nd Dog $300
  • 20 Day Package: 1st Dog $640 2nd Dog $580

  • 1 Day: 1st Dog $27 2nd Dog $25
  • 5 Day Package: 1st Dog $130 2nd Dog $120
  • 10 Day Package: 1st Dog $250 2nd Dog $230
  • 20 Day Package: 1st Dog $480 2nd Dog $440

  • 4 Hours: $32 | All Day: $35
  • Day boarding is offered Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm
  • 1/2 day hours 6:30AM-12PM
  • Perfect for dogs who are not well socialized but need a place to spend the day.

 All dogs are required to have a reservation to attend. Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. Unfortunately, dogs that arrive with no reservation or arrive after 8:30am will be turned away. 

  • Daycare hours of operation are from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm Mon-Fri.
  • Drop off: 6:30 am - 8:30 am. 
  • All dogs will be required to have a reservation to attend. Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. Unfortunately, dogs that arrive with no reservation or arrive after 8:30am will be turned away.
  • Full day pick-up: 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm (please let us know if you would like to pick-up before 2:30 pm).
  • Half day pick-up: Between 12:00 - 12:30 pm.
  • Dogs not picked up before 6:30 pm will be charged $20 for the 1st 15 min late and $20 for every 10 min after.


We are happy to offer grooming services to all of our clients. Daycare dogs get a $5.00 discount when they are groomed on the same day as their daycare reservation.

Nail trims for all daycare and boarding dogs only $5 when they are in daycare!


We now offer day boarding for your dog Mon - Fri 6:30 am - 6:30pm.


  • All dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting The Yellow Dog’s Barn, LLC property. Please no retractable leashes.
  • Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance. Unfortunately, dogs that arrive with no reservation or arrive after 8:30am will be turned away. As such, whenever possible, we strongly encourage you to enroll your dog in a regular, recurring schedule. 
  • Daycare is geared for regularly scheduled visits.
  • All dogs should be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. After 6 months of age, we will consider each intact dog on a case-by-case and day-by-day basis to determine if the dog is still a good fit for daycare.
  • All dogs must be in good health and have routine veterinary care. Any dog that is ill for any reason will not be allowed at daycare. Any communicable illnesses will require a veterinarian’s certificate of health before the dog can return to daycare.
  • For all dogs visiting The Yellow Dog’s Barn for daycare, we require a veterinary certificate providing proof that your pet is current on all required vaccinations and tests a minimum of seven days prior to visiting us. Dog’s must have current Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines, as well as a negative fecal/giardia test. Giardia test must be sent out to a lab by your veterinarian. 
    Dog’s must also be on a heartworm preventative and some form of flea/tick preventative.  We also accept titers in lieu of vaccinations. If your veterinarian recommends that your dog not be vaccinated, please call us to discuss your pet’s special needs. We must have your pet’s application and proof of all vaccinations & fecal/giardia test results at least 2 days prior to daycare and/or boarding!
  • All dogs are required to be on heartworm preventative, and flea/tick protection (minimum of March through November). Please consider applying flea/tick protection at least 48 hours before your pet returns to daycare.
  • All dogs must be non-aggressive toward other animals and people.
  • The Yellow Dog’s Barn, LLC reserves the right to dismiss a dog from the daycare program for any reason.
  • Our cancellation policy: It is important to note that a reserved spot at daycare may mean that we have had to turn other dogs away. Reservations may be cancelled up to 12 hours in advance without incurring a charge, or you will be charged for the day. (Voicemail may be left 24-hours a day).
  • AM check-in times are 6:30am - 8:30am. 
  • Dogs not picked up before 6:30 pm will be charged $20 for the 1st 15 min late and $20 for every 10 min after.

A friendly reminder to our valued daycare customers.

Every schedule in place at The Yellow Dog's Barn is for the sole purpose of each dog's safety.  At 8:30am we perform any "new dog introductions", and we carefully and methodically divide all the dogs up into their assigned play groups.  During this process, each dog is unique in their specific needs.  For example, some dogs need to be led into the play group on a slip-lead, some dogs need to be let out before all of their friends, and some dogs need to be let out after all their friends.  Once all the dogs are safely in their assigned play group, it is extremely disruptive and potentially dangerous to then bring a dog into an already "established" group.  This is precisely the reason that we require all dogs arrive before 8:30am.
When dropping your dog off for daycare in the mornings, please be sure to arrive before 8:30am. Dogs who arrive after 8:30am will go into his/her crate until the end of first naptime at 11:00am. 
As always, the staff at The Yellow Dog's Barn seek to ensure safety and happiness for every dog in our care, which is why we need your help in making sure your dog arrives for a fun-filled day of play before 8:30am. 
Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty!


We love our customers from Barrington and surrounding towns Nottingham, Lee, Epping, Exeter, Dover, Northwood and the ones who travel from Concord, ManchesterPortsmouth and beyond!

Contact us for an appointment to tour our dog day care facility.