STOP please read, exciting news and action needed!     

We, at The Yellow Dogs Barn, are happy to announce our Daycare reopened on Monday, May 11th. Same hours 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday through Friday.     Grooming is also open M-F, by appointment only; however, we do allow same day calls for nail trims ($10, only $5 if your dog is attending daycare that day).  

Dog Town (Boarding) will be open as of June 9th, we are accepting reservations.  We understand vacation plans may still be in flux; however, we strongly recommend reserving your pup's spot.  

We will be continuing our social distancing - curbside drop-off and pick-up.   Please follow us on Facebook and you can check out our video of our drop off procedure!  

In order to continually and appropriately staff our daycare, please EMAIL or CALL us to schedule.     

We are so happy to see our friends again!     

Phone: 603 868 3647 (it is ok to leave a detailed message with daycare days needed)