At The Yellow Dog’s Barn we are always looking for the best ways to work with our daycare dogs to make their day successful.  We are pleased to announce a new program that allows us to accommodate dogs that are not quite ready for our regular daycare groups, or their play style lends itself to playing with a smaller group of dogs (typically 2-5 dogs). 

Lovingly referred to as the ‘Squirrel Group’, they are a happy go-lucky bunch that just need a little extra help with expressing themselves while in a group of their friends.  Each day we will select which dog(s) best fit into this group.  Some dogs become “regulars” to the Squirrel Group if they seem to enjoy this type of play over our normal daycare groups.    

This Squirrel Group option gives us the opportunity to accommodate dogs that may normally struggle with regular daycare.  It allows for high energy dogs to run and play in a more structured setting, and for nervous or immature dogs to gain confidence by playing in a small group of dogs that best fit their personality.  Depending on the individual dog, once they gain confidence or maturity in their play style, they then may be introduced into one of our regular daycare groups.    

This separate program also allows us the flexibility to have a regular daycare attendee play in the Squirrel Group if they are having an “off” day or if they are recovering from an injury and need a calmer environment to play in for the day.   

Members of the Squirrel Group rest in the Dog Town cabins or dens while they are not outside playing.  Each playtime lasts 20-30 minutes and then they rest for 20-30 minutes.  This rotation goes on repeatedly throughout the day.  

Best news, the hours and rates are the same as our regular daycare!