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About The Yellow Dog’s Barn

The Beginning

We Created a Daycare that We’d be Happy to Bring Our Own Dogs to

The Yellow Dog’s Barn was created with the idea that it should be a daycare that we would want to bring our own dogs to.

Our staff are carefully selected to provide the best possible care for your dog. They genuinely love dogs and enjoy their work! Each and every one of us makes it top priority to get to know the personalities of all the dogs who come here, so that we can ensure a safe and fun day for all.

Meet the Team

Joanne Miller


Hi everyone, I am JoAnne, co-owner of The Yellow Dog’s Barn. Thank you for exploring our website and taking the time to get to know all of us a little better!

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My journey at The Yellow Dog’s Barn started in January of 2006 when I followed my passion for all things “dog”, and joined Holly as co-owner of the business. Just as The Yellow Dog’s Barn has grown and evolved over the years, so have my roles and my focus. At the beginning, I was outside with the dogs all day, every day and let me just say, I absolutely LOVED it! As the business grew and we realized that we needed more staff than just Holly and I, I gradually stopped spending as much time outside in the play yards and stepped into the role of manager of the staff, daily operations, customer communications, and maintenance. It’s true what they say about business owners wearing ALL the hats!

One of the most important and rewarding parts of my job is maintaining constant communication with our staff regarding all the dogs in our care, and I truly love being the liaison between the dogs and their owners. I feel my true strength in the business has always been a strong desire to communicate with clients fully and truthfully about their dogs. My passion for dogs flows through, from me to the owners, when I get to talk to them about their dog’s day in daycare, their stay with us in Dog Town, or sharing my own personal experiences regarding dog health, nutrition, training and well-being.

When I’m not at The Yellow Dog’s Barn, my favorite things in life are Sundays at home with my husband Todd, our three dogs, cats and other critters, cooking, a lazy float in my kayak, walking in the rain and curling up with a good book.

Holly Grant


We are so glad you have chosen to explore The Yellow Dog’s Barn for the care of your pets! My name is Holly and I am one of the owners. The idea for The Yellow Dog’s Barn came to me while I was studying animal science at the University of Vermont

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There was one dog daycare in the Burlington, VT area and this was the first time I had ever even heard of such a thing! I thought, wouldn’t it be so great to have my own dog daycare someday?? That someday finally came in October of 2005, when I opened The Yellow Dog’s Barn (aptly named after my yellow lab, Madison). From day one it has been our mission to give the dogs in our care the same level of love and attention we give our own dogs, hence our mission statement, “To treat every dog as if it were our own”. We are always looking for ways we can grow and learn more so we can serve our customers better, both the dogs and their owners. Being an entrepreneur and the creative type, this is what I thrive on! You can often find me researching new ideas for the business, gardening tips, craft projects, health, nutrition and of course, anything DOG! When I’m not in front of my computer, I love spending time in the woods with my husband, Jarrod, and our two yellow labs, Gracie and Lainey. I also have a passion for gardening, working on my Etsy shop, or pretty much any household or craft project I can get my hands on! It is my hope that as you explore our website, you can see the heartbeat behind what we do and we would be honored if you choose us to care for your beloved pet.


Most of you already know and love Mikaela, as she has been part of our team for over 10 years! Mikaela brings priceless knowledge to our daycare, being the person everyone goes to for insight and advice on the dogs… she knows them all! Mikaela has 3 dogs of her own but would love to have more.

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She enjoys training dogs, hiking with dogs, observing dog behaviors at daycare, and is always looking for ways to further her dog knowledge. Anyone see a pattern here?? We are so blessed to have Mikaela, everything she does is for the benefit of the dogs at YDB and making sure they are understood and their needs are met.


Office Assistant

Jenny has always loved animals and has had the opportunity to work in dog daycares, grooming, and dog training. She completed an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science in 2009 and a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2012 at the University of New Hampshire. She lives in Northwood with her husband Alex, their daughter Kaylee, and their dog Waffle.



Teri graduated from Dover High School with the class of 1994 where she studied Animal Science along with her other studies. After graduation, she worked for a seacoast veterinarian for 4 years where she learned invaluable experience in the care of all animals.

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She attended and graduated from the Pedigree School of Grooming in 1996, where she found her true love of the profession.
All of Teri’s shampoos are all natural and pesticide free. Her goal is to make your pets grooming experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible so that your pet will be happy to come back to see her again soon!


Dylan has been part of our YDB team for just over a year, and previously worked at a local dog rescue organization. During the past year, Dylan has fully realized his passion for working with dogs and now has the goal of becoming a dog trainer and business owner.

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It has been wonderful to see Dylan take on more responsibilities at YDB, going from working in daycare, to working with the Squirrel groups, to now learning the front desk. He is always up for learning new things and helping us make YDB even better for both pups and owners. We are very grateful for Dylan and we can’t wait to see what his future holds!


Grant has been part of the team at YDB for just over a year, though he did take a hiatus to study tortoises in Nevada for several months (how cool!). Grant’s first job was working at the SPCA and his future career plan is to work with wildlife.  Needless to say, Grant loves animals and working with the dogs is his favorite part of being at YDB. We are so grateful for Grant and his care and compassion for the pups (and all animals he encounters).


Tate has been part of our YDB team for just a few months but she fit right in immediately. Tate’s first job was working at a dog training & boarding facility and her favorite part of being at YDB is getting to know all the dogs. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, drawing, editing, and animating. Tate brings so much dedication, hard work, humor and compassion to her job every single day and we are so thankful to have her on our team!

What Barrington Customers are Saying

We love our customers from Barrington and surrounding towns Nottingham, Lee, Epping, Exeter, Dover, Northwood and the ones who travel from Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth and beyond!

“Outstanding kennel, they really make an effort to get to know and understand the dog. Thanks for being there for us!”

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“There is no finer! If you are looking for the best care, compassionate personnel, and fun for your best friend, look no further.”

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